Eco-Friendly Office Tips

With the increasing focus on the environment these days, more businesses are going green. If you’re looking for ways to make your business more eco-friendly, here’s a few suggestions:

• Buy energy efficient appliances, whether it is a microwave oven or a LCD monitor. Use equipment which requires less energy to operate.

• Use power strips such as Smart strips. These devices will turn off power automatically when the device is no longer being used. This way you will not leave the printer and the photocopier on all weekend long.

• Bring a coffee mug or your own refillable water bottle to work.

• Instead of the normal bulbs to provide light, use the compact fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs provide a longer shelf life, use less energy and are easier to dispose off.

• Cut down on your paper use. While this may appear difficult in the beginning, it is possible. Always recycle the paper.

• Educate the employees on being eco-friendly. If you and your employees practice “going green” then others will follow.

• Instead of offering pens and key chains to your customers as gifts, give them a small pot of plant or a flower. Plants make a great gift and last a really long time.