Why do I need a newsletter?

Many websites have many features that work to bring traffic or sales in twenty four hours a day. A web developer needs to make sure that they maximize the results offered by any marketing strategy they use. There are a number of valid and worthy marketing strategies and features a well rounded website should take advantage of, including link building, article submission, and more. But one of the best strategies a website owner can use is developing a newsletter available right on their site.

Offering a newsletter is not the easiest thing to do, but it can really pay off in the end. To do a newsletter right, a website owner either needs to be confident that they can regularly provide well written and on-topic content, or they need to be willing to hire a writer who can provide content of that quality. In the beginning, a newsletter may at times not seem worth it, but as the subscribers grow, so will the amount of benefits that the website owner will see. But, what are the many benefits of offering a newsletter?

Email List
By offering a newsletter, the website is required to collect the email addresses of the subscribers wanting to receive it. These email addresses are of value and can be used at a later time to send out a product offering or other desired contact information.

A newsletter can be used to promote a major change to the main website or a new product offering. This is a great way to get repeat visitors who liked what they saw the last time they were at the site and now would come back to see how it was changed or updated.

Offering a newsletter builds the reputation of the author and website owner. Most customers assume a certain amount knowledge or expertise rests with the person who authors their own newsletter. This well earned reputation serves well in the immediate as well as future situations.

Ad Sales
Once a newsletter gains a good amount of subscribers, the website owner has the ability to start selling advertisements in it. There are many other website owners who would gladly pay to be mention or linked to in a popular newsletter that shares their same subject matter.

Another use for a newsletter is to notify subscribers and previous customers of an update to the website. Many of these subscribers were interested in the website enough the first time they saw it to subscribe to the newsletter, they will probably be curious enough to check out the website once they are notified that it has been updated.

Website Value
Most websites are built, developed, and run and never once does the website owner think of ever selling the site. The truth of the matter is though that there is big money in buying and selling developed websites. A popular newsletter with a large amount of subscribers adds to the value of a website, whether it is going to be sold or not.

The simple appearance of a newsletter being offered on a website can add an air of legitimacy to it that may not be there without it. There are many websites out there and most of them do not offer a newsletter. When a visitor to a website sees that there is a newsletter offered they are going to immediately assume that this website offers more than the others and most likely is an authority on the subject matter and not just another site set up to display Adsense ads.

There are many reasons why any website should offer a newsletter and all of them improve the performance and results of the website itself. Whether using it to drive traffic back to the website or using it to promote products in the newsletter that are also offered on the website, a newsletter is a valuable tool that most website owners should be trying to take advantage of.