Great Ways To Get More Backlinks For Your Blog – Part 1

There are many people who own, maintain, and write their own blogs online.  So many, in fact, that it would be near impossible to come up with a good solid estimation of how many bloggers there are in the world.  Different bloggers have different reasons for writing their blogs.  Some write there blogs for purely personal reasons, while others have a more commercial reason for having their blog online.  No matter what the reason for them having their blog online, the one common thread that unites all bloggers is the struggle to get more and more readers to come to their site.

The process of getting visitors to come to a blog is often the thing that a blog owner dislikes the most.  There are a number of ways a blogger can increase traffic to their blog, but the biggest way is to increase the number of backlinks that their blog has.  A blog’s backlinks are made up of any links any where on the internet that point back to the blog.  Some backlinks will point to the homepage, while others will point to an interior page on the site, it is best to have a good mix of both.  Getting a good amount of backlinks is hard, but there are a number of ways to get good quality backlinks that will help improve the traffic to a blog.  Many methods of getting backlinks end up costing the blog owner money, but there are also a number of free ways to get backlinks too.

Link Exchange
There are a number of blog owners with blogs in similar niches that trade links to each other.  This allows a blog owner to capitalize on the traffic going to another blog.  When doing this, it is best if the blog owner aims to partner with other blogs that cover a similar subject matter.  It is also best to monitor where the traffic to a blog comes from so the blog owner can figure out if the link exchange is worthwhile or not.

Social Networking
Social networking is another free way to build backlinks to a blog.  By participating in a social networking site, whether it is StumbleUpon, Digg, or any of the other popular social networking sites, there are a number of backlinks made by viewers and readers of the blog that act as recommendations to potential readers and visitors of those blogs.  Social networking is one of the fastest growing and more popular ways to gain backlinks to a blog.

Directory Submission
There are a number of directories online that allow free submission of websites to be included with them.  In theory, every free directory is a resource for a blog owner to take advantage of, but in reality there are so many that the directories that provide the most benefit to a blog and blog owner are the ones that should be concentrated on.  The two kinds of directories that should be concentrated on because they have an extra benefit are established directories that rank well in search engines and niche directories that only accept and list blogs and sites that are of similar subject matter.

Blog Commenting
A great free way to increase the number of backlinks a blog has is by participating in an activity known as blog commenting.  Many blogs out there accept comments on their posts.  A blog owner should focus on commenting on blogs, or at least blog posts, that are in the same niche or subject matter that their blog is in.  This is a great way for a blog owner to establish their name in a niche, a great way to become a part of a community, and also a great way to get backlinks back to their blog because usually each comment will link back to the commenter’s website.

Building, maintaining, and writing an online blog can be a fun and profitable experience.  When it comes right down to it though, if no one is visiting the blog and reading the contents, then it doesn’t really matter if it is there or not.  The surest way to get people to come and read or participate in a blog is to make sure there is a large number of backlinks pointing to it in various places around the internet.  There are a number of ways to go about doing that and thankfully many of them are free of charge.